Town, house, stay.
Today, tomorrow, and for the duration of your stay, this is your town. This is your home.
You can do whatever you want or you don’t have to do anything at all.
It’s different from the usual, but the same as always; please experience days you have yet to discover.
This is your home during your stay in town, this is haletto “house.”


  • Towns, like people, have their own personalities. There is also compatibility between town and person similar to the relationship between people. We hope you find a home that you can comfortably match to your own sensibility rather than to the standards of others.

  • haletto house 001 KOSHIGOE is in the small fishing town of Koshigoe in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture. It may not be a well-known town, but the view of Enoshima overlooking the calm sea on the opposite side of the town is amazing. Many people are also fascinated by the Enoden as it runs along its tracks on the street.

  • Don't go home right away after sightseeing Kamakura. Spend time with your loved ones in a quiet single home on the seaside and try adapting to life in the town for a short time as if you've moved to Kamakura. Bring along your office equipment to make this your own office. Sit at the desk while listening to the sounds of the waves and wind. You may just come up with new ideas different from the norm.

    Here, you'll find nostalgia and novelty. We welcome you to a “house” between the ordinary and extraordinary.

    May this be a place for you where you can be yourself.

  • Relax in a Private Rental

    Relax in a Private Rental

    This house can only be rented to one group at a time. You are welcome to relax as if it were your own home. It might be a great idea to put more energy into making breakfast by visiting the nearby bakery or fishing harbor.

  • 1 Minute to the Sea

    1 Minute to the Sea

    haletto house is a home near the sea. Venture outside and walk towards the wide sky to find the beach. On the other side of the sands forming a gentle curve is Enoshima. This beautiful sky and sea changes together with the seasons and time.

  • Experience Your Life

    Experience Your Life

    Koshigoe is near Kamakura, but is not a sightseeing area. The town is lined with shops with relaxing scenery that give a sense to what life is like in the town. Please try strolling the streets and imagine life in this town.